Popularis has more than 20 years experience of working with charities and assisting with their elections.  The company has been appointed by the Charity Commission as independent supervisor in Orders, and has advised and supported the Interim Trustees with membership sessions including building a membership register, and all the arrangements for their elections from issuing the Notice of elections with a nomination form through to the announcement of results. 

Popularis ensures that the Charity Trustees responsible for the conduct of an election follow their constitution and the legal requirements, ensuring that the election process is respected by all members, and the result accepted, often in contentious circumstances.  Popularis has particular experience of working with religious charites and conducting elections in Temples, Mosques, Churches and other appropriate locations.  It will, together with the charity, work with other community organisations such as the community police, to ensure successful elections.

Popularis has also conducted elections for Hospital Trust Foundations, including all processes required by law and their constitution.  In particular Popularis has worked with mental health hospitals, and together with the Foundation, worked to ensure an inclusive approach to encouraging members to stand for election and to vote.